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Kim Langelaar works with divorcing individuals, attorneys, and collaborative teams to provide clarity on the complex issues that arise before, during, and after a divorce. We work together to help you negotiate through asset allocation and parenting plans options.  





The Court encourages parties to look for alternatives to Court hearings to reach decisions about the finances and children. These agreements tend to work better over the long run than those imposed by the Court or after a period of escalated conflict at the end of the litigation process. We use a facilitative problem-solving approach to help you work out what you and your spouse think is fair and in the best interests of their family.


Kim Langelaar has spent years working as a financial advisor and divorce specialist in efforts to help couples with the clarity they need on how to divide asset. She has advanced training in alternative dispute resolution and certified by the High Conflict Diversion Program. Kim has a unique balance as an expertise in both in financial & effective communications.



Turelli Foundation

The purpose of the Turelli Foundation is to help children who are involved, involuntarily, in the divorce process.


Our method is to empower families to take charge of their divorce in a collaborative way that focuses on children:

1. We work with families outside of court as an extension of the self-help service.  Families create their own agreements.

2. Nothing discussed outside of court becomes part of the record.

3. A Turelli Team, with a legal expert and a relationship/mental health expert, helps the family craft an agreement that addresses both legal issues and people issues.

4. Most often, agreements are approved and finalized with a magistrate that same day.

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